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Veteran Opportunities


Your military service has made you a leader, disciplined team member, and a strategic thinker. At Old National, we recognize and value your strengths which make you an outstanding addition to our family of associates. Explore our career opportunities and read below to learn more about our efforts to recruit and serve veterans and their families. 


Military Veterans Resource Group

Old National is committed to reaching out to the veterans on our team and providing opportunities for them to develop and enhance their civilian careers. The members of our Military Veterans Resource Group, have the opportunity to network with other veterans, refer veterans for employment, and serve as a mentor to newly hired veterans. Their unique input is very important as we strive to recruit, retain, and help develop engaging post-military careers for our national heroes.

Benefits for Veterans

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, competitive benefits and assisting our veterans in balancing their family, duty, and work responsibilities. 

Military Leave and Support 

Training and Career Development

Compensation and Benefits

Supporting Veterans in our Community

Old National associates support veterans and their families by donating their time, expertise and engaging businesses owned by veterans.

Finance classes for Indiana National Guard troops

Old National associates collaborated with the Indiana National Guard, to create financial wellness classes that cover topics such as buying a home, budgeting and saving for retirement. The classes are provided by Old National associates and are available to all troops and their families throughout the Old National footprint. According to the Indiana National Guard, this program is the first of its kind in the nation and is considered a pilot for the rest of the country. Read more.

Working with Veteran-owned Businesses

Old National is firmly committed to the support of businesses with certified ownership by veterans, minority or disabled individuals, women, and small businesses, and recognizes that these businesses are vitally important to our communities and the overall success of the company. Read more.

Investing in the Community Programs that Support our Veterans

Old National is proud to support those that support our veterans through volunteerism, grants, and sponsorships. In fact, we consider it our responsibility to make decisions and take action for positive outcomes, and we encourage our associates to do the same. Please take a moment to view the many ways we're working to actively support families, strengthen communities and build a better future for all of us.

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