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Community Partnership

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my organization have to be located in an area served by Old National to receive a grant?
A: Foundation Grants and Corporate Sponsorships are limited to organizations that serve the particular communities in which an Old National Bank is located. For a list of banking center locations, please visit our website at www.oldnational.com.

Q: What is the difference between a foundation grant and a corporate sponsorship?
A: Foundation grants are provided to IRS designated 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizations. Grants are charitable donations used to fund initiatives and/or projects that are large in scope and impact.

Sponsorships are monetary contributions given in support of events or activities in exchange for advertising and/or publicity. Sponsorships provide a direct benefit to ONB.

Q: Are nonprofits required to have a 501(c)(3) designation in order to apply?
A: Nonprofits applying for a Foundation Grant must be exempt under Section 501(c)(3) and classified as a public charity under IRS Code Section 509 (a).

Q: What is the process for applying for a grant?
A: For Developing Partnerships Grants, the first step in the application process is to submit an initial application via the Foundation’s website. Staff will review the initial application to determine if the proposal aligns with the mission, vision and funding priorities of the Foundation. If the proposal meets the minimum criteria, applicants will be invited to submit full proposals for further consideration.

For Community Investments Grants, applications may also be accessed via the Foundation’s website. Applicants should expect a waiting period of up to 6-8 weeks from submission to final decision making.

Q: How do I submit an application?
A: Applications must be submitted online through the Old National Bank Foundation website. Proposals are not accepted via email, postal mail or fax.

Q: May we submit more than one application at a time?
A: No. Organizations may only submit one initial application per grant cycle. Organizations may not apply to more than one grant program at the same time. Additional applications will not be reviewed.

Q: Are there deadlines for submitting the application?
A: Yes, the 2014 deadlines for initial Developing Partnerships Grant applications have passed and the online grant application has been deactivated.  Please check back in early 2015 for additional information, including new deadlines.

The 2014 Community Investments Grant application has been deactivated due to a large volume of requests.  Please check back in early 2015 for updates.  Current requests that have already been submitted will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q: How soon will I be notified of whether or not we are invited to submit a full proposal?
A: Developing Partnership Grants – Once you complete and submit an initial application, you will be notified approximately 2-4 weeks after the deadline date of whether or not your organization is invited to submit a full proposal.

Q: What is your full proposal review process for the Developing Partnerships Grant application?
A: If an organization is invited to submit a full proposal, they will be contacted with instructions on how to submit the proposal and given a submission deadline date. Foundation staff will evaluate the proposals to determine which programs best meet the Foundation’s funding priorities and review criteria. A recommendation will be made to the Board of Directors, which will make the final funding decision.

Q: What is an appropriate request amount for a Developing Partnerships Grant?
A: The amount requested from the Foundation should be proportionate to your organizational budget, project budget and expected income from other sources. Funding is ultimately contingent upon the program’s alignment with the Foundation’s priorities and funding availability from the Foundation’s annual budget. The average grant amount is $7,500.

Q: How many times per year can an organization apply for a Foundation Grant?
A: In general, only one request per grantee will be funded each year. Exceptions to this will be rare.

Q: My organization is a current grantee. Are we eligible to apply for additional funding?
A: If your organization has been awarded a grant or received a grant payment within the last 12 months, additional requests for funding will not be considered until after the grant period has ended and a final report has been submitted.

Q: Does the Foundation provide funding to daycare or childcare centers to subsidize the cost of tuition, fees or other childcare related costs?
A: Unfortunately, families across our footprint, which includes Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Michigan and many of our associates, are also facing rising childcare costs, but because of limited resources and a desire to remain fair and equitable, we are unable to fund tuition assistance programs or other childcare related costs.

Q: Our organization has a bank account, insurance policy, trust account, etc. with Old National. Does this guarantee or help ensure that we will receive grant funding?
A: We recognize that many organizations applying for grant funding from the Foundation have business relationships with Old National. However, when making charitable donations, account relationships cannot be factored into our decisions. To consider account relationships would be a violation of IRS regulations. All organizations and requests are evaluated using the same criteria, which includes an assessment of the organization and the project’s objectives and community-wide impact. Priority consideration is given to requests that reflect the mission and vision of the Foundation and target our primary focus areas.

Q: What email address should be used for the account?
A: When setting up the account username and password for the application, please be sure to use an email address that is accessible to more than one person at the organization. If you are a contracted grant-writer, please set up different accounts for each organization that you represent using a valid email address accessible by that organization. Please refrain from using your personal email address or the same email address for multiple organizations.

Q: Can I copy and paste information from a Word document into one of the application's text boxes?
A: Yes.You can copy information from an existing Word document and paste that copy into the appropriate text box in the application.

Q: I do not have all of the required documents in an electronic format. How do I submit them?
A: Please contact the Foundation staff via e-mail at grants&sponsorships@oldnational.com. You will be contacted with instructions on where to forward these documents.

*For additional questions, please contact Linda Ford, Foundation Program Administrator, at 812-468-1991 or Janet Baas, Foundation President, at 812-464-1515 or by emailing grants&sponsorships@oldnational.com.