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Community Partnership

Grant Funding Guidelines

Funding Priorities

It is our wish to meet the needs of every community in our footprint; however, our funding will target innovative programs that enhance the quality of life within our communities in support of the following strategic initiatives, which are Adult Education, Early Childhood Development, Financial Literacy and Workforce Development. Priority consideration is given to programs that target low- to moderate-income families. Examples of funding priorities with measurable outcome focus areas include:

Adult Education

• Improve education or achievement gain
• Improve employment entry or retention
• Increase enrollment in adult education and literacy programs

Early Childhood Development

• Build children’s knowledge and skills for life and learning
• Improve engagement of children benefiting from educational opportunities
• Increase parental involvement in children’s education
• Increase access to quality early childhood development services

Economic Development

• Increase neighborhood revitalization initiatives
• Improve long-term sustainability of organization in addressing community needs
• Strengthen community resource infrastructure

Financial Literacy

• Build knowledge/skills in savings
• Improve financial behaviors
• Build knowledge/skills in budgeting
• Build knowledge/skills in debt management
• Build knowledge/skills in banking services

Workforce Development

• Build skills/knowledge
• Increase entrepreneurship initiatives
• Increase access to business coaching
• Improve graduation retention 


Old National Bank Foundation will ordinarily only fund one request per grantee per calendar year. Exceptions to this one per year funding will be rare.

We cannot fund every worthwhile endeavor.  Our support is directed to areas that demonstrate the most critical need and can have the greatest impact in support of our funding priorities.  The Old National Bank Foundation does not provide funding for the following:

  • Individuals
  • Endowments or scholarships
  • Requests that will be used mainly for salaries or general operations
  • School clubs/organizations, including, but not limited to bands, athletic or academic teams, booster clubs, PTO/PTA
  • Meals, tickets, dues, memberships, fees, travel, tuition, subscriptions and other tangible benefits
  • Childcare fees/subsidies or K-12 tuition
  • Meetings, conferences, workshops
  • Summer camps or programs
  • Political, labor, military, veteran’s, international or fraternal organizations
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, age or religion
  • Programs administered by religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Debt retirement or funding of any activity that is already completed
  • Contests, Competitions, Athletic Events, Beauty Pageants or Talent Contests
  • Sponsorships, fundraisers, races, telethons, marathons, benefits, banquets, galas, golf tournaments, festivals or other events
  • Scholarly or medical research
  • Feasibility studies, project research or development phases, including the cost of hiring consultants or planners

Large-scale initiatives, capital campaign, or strategic investment requests will be accepted by invitation only – please send an overview/executive summary of this funding opportunity to grantsandsponsorships@oldnational.com for initial review by Foundation staff.

The Old National Bank Foundation contributes annually to the United Way throughout our footprint. Due to this contribution, United Ways are not eligible for other grant funding opportunities.

Note: Some requests that are not eligible for funding through the Old National Bank Foundation may be eligible for a sponsorship. Please visit the Sponsorship section of our website to learn more.