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Community Partnership

Promoting community sustainability through equipment donations

Donation of 1,500 lightly used units helps non-profits

In 2014, Old National donated approximately 1,500 lightly used units, valued at almost $270,000, to 24 recipients. Several of these recipients were agencies that in turn worked to find additional organizations within their communities with a need for the equipment.

For example, in August Old National gave more than 150 units of lightly used equipment that was left over from its partnership with Ann Arbor-based United Bank & Trust to an Ann Arbor agency known as NEW (Nonprofit Enterprise at Work). The agency provides consultation, education, support and resources to nearly 200 nonprofit organizations throughout Central and Eastern Michigan.

Since August, NEW has matched the desktop computers, laptops, printers and copy machines donated by Old National with15 organizations within a 20-mile-radius of Ann Arbor. One of those was Detroit’s Homes for Black Children agency, which was operating on typewriters before NEW stepped in and replaced the old machines with computer equipment donated by Old National.

All computer donations consist of modern, Windows 7-compatible equipment, and every hard drive is wiped clean of data before being delivered.

NEW President and CEO Michael Tyson said that technology is the most under-funded area for non-profits. “For nonprofits to receive donations such as this…it’s like Christmas for them,” he said. “I cannot express the gratitude and appreciation we have for Old National and how they stepped up to the plate with this donation.”