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Associate Profiles

At Old National, it is our mission to exceed the expectations of clients, shareholders and associates. To exceed the expectations of our associates, we are committed to creating a diverse and exceptional work environment where associates can excel in their careers. This environment of excellence helps us develop opportunities that enable us to be an “employer of choice.” The stories here will introduce you to Old National through some of the unique experiences of our associates.

Sean Giolitto

Client Service Associate II

"Diversity is not just about meeting numbers and quotas for employment. It is going one step further. It is about including, learning and accepting other people. I have had the opportunity to live all over the United States, and I felt I knew what diversity meant. However, I found I had a lot more to learn. I thought I knew what to do and how to do it, but I have been challenged on several occasions. These challenges combined with my personal experiences enable me to provide input on diversity that I hope will make a lasting impression on others. 

Gloria Mager

Retail Sales Representative

“To me, the objective of diversity is learning from others who are not the same, about dignity and respect for all. It's about creating workplace environments and practices that encourage learning from others by capturing the advantage of diverse perspectives. Since I work at an Old National near Southern Illinois University Carbondale, our associates assume the responsibility of helping new students, as well as international students from all over the world, learn how to manage a bank account for the first time. My experience on the job helps me educate the students with dignity and respect. Last year our branch was selected to accept the Matricula Consular as identification at account opening. This allows me to reach out to an underserved community while helping them learn how to safely manage their money. I’m glad that my job at Old National enables me to promote diversity every day."

Tanita Proctor

Executive Assistant

“I think my views on diversity can best be described in the following quote from Mohandas K. Gandhi, ‘I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stifled. I want all the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any.’  It’s a quote that applies to the workplace too, because diversity not only involves how people perceive themselves, but also how they perceive others. Those perceptions affect our workplace interactions.  As an employee of Old National, I was thrilled to be allowed to volunteer my time teaching financial literacy classes to less fortunate youth. As an Old National associate, and a volunteer, I’m able to help others see that the concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect.”

Anupama Misra

Personal Banker, Assistant Manager

"When I moved to Indianapolis from North Carolina I was working for another company. Then one day, just as we rented our apartment, I drove by the Clay Terrace banking center and thought how great it would be to work there. Not too much later, I attended the Black Expo and met an Old National representative. I was so impressed with her – and happily, the next day she called me. Now I’ve been working here two years. I love working for Old National. Since I am from India, I thought I could contribute my own experiences and insights on concerns and issues that our clients and other employees might share. But what was surprising to me is how much I am learning about diversity. That knowledge is making me a better manager and a better coworker."