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Diversity Programs

It is our intent to create a work environment where our associates can excel and to continue to exceed the expectations of our clients and communities. As we offer current programs and develop new initiatives, our desire is to strengthen diversity through awareness, education, development and community partnerships.


  • Our internal Diversity Awareness Series provides articles on topics such as Women’s History Month and Dr. Martin Luther King.
  • The Emerging Leaders Mentoring program provides associates the opportunity to enhance leadership skills and knowledge; gain broader industry and organization perspective; and benefit from coaching, advice and support to expedite learning and open doors exposing them to new opportunities and contacts.
  • Associates participated in an anonymous cultural audit questionnaire as part of our annual associate commitment survey. The feedback from this survey is used to strengthen our diversity programs by addressing areas of opportunity in addition to celebrating our strengths.


    • Associates are required to complete annual diversity training that discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion. We partnered with an expert in the field of diversity to share with our Executive Leadership Team and are researching additional training opportunities for our executives and associates.

    Community Outreach

    • Internship programs, grants to support diversity initiatives, volunteerism with community programs are all examples of our efforts to support diversity programs in the markets we serve.
    • Associates participate in a variety of financial literacy outreach initiatives to assist community members, improve money management skills and achieve goals.