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Why Diversity Matters

Message from Old National Leadership

Bob Jones on diversity and inclusion

President and CEO, Old National Bancorp

"As a company, Old National needs people from different backgrounds, races, religions and orientations. As the leader of this company, I also need to have people around me who have experienced things I haven’t. These diverse perspectives help us make better decisions and understand how the individuals and communities we serve may view our actions. We have made a commitment to increase the diversity at every level of the company, and I am pleased with our initiatives – from the establishment of a diversity and work life department and creation of a diversity advisory council to partnering with community organizations throughout our footprint – that are helping us achieve this goal."

Janet Heldt on diversity at Old National

Senior Vice President, Diversity and Work Life

"In my role as director of diversity and work life, I have come to appreciate the amazing picture of diversity that our associates create. But it is in looking more closely that the strength and value of our diversity become clear. Diversity is much deeper than first impressions or external appearances. It is about getting thoughts and ideas from others so that we can come up with the best strategy to make our company better and stronger. At Old National, our commitment to diversity is not just about doing the right thing because we are supposed to, but it’s about doing the smart thing in order to find the best people, celebrate all their contributions and be a leader in our industry and community.”