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Why Old National

Business Banking FAQ

Answers to your questions about the conversion of IBT to Old National.

Communicating with our clients is a top priority for us. If you were an IBT client, by this time you will have received a Welcome Booklet and other important mailings from Old National Bank. Please review that information carefully for details about your new accounts and services.

Below you’ll find frequently asked questions about business banking changes related to the conversion of IBT to Old National. If you don’t find the answers to your questions here, please speak with our Client Care Team at 1-888-455-6420.



How has my IBT account changed now that the conversion to Old National is complete?
You should have received a welcome packet and in some cases letters explaining any changes to your IBT account. The welcome packet includes a guide that shows your IBT account and your new, corresponding Old National account. An Old National relationship manager should have contacted you about the transition of any Cash Management Services to Old National. If you did not receive a welcome packet and want to obtain one, call 1-888-455-6420. We invite you to look through the business banking services section of this site to find out more about your new Old National account and other services we offer. If you have questions, please talk with your Old National relationship manager, visit an Old National banking center, or call 1-888-455-6420.

What other types of services will my business have access to as an Old National client?
Old National offers a full line of financial services and solutions to help businesses compete across town or across the globe. See us for checking, savings, loans, and 24/7 eBanking. Your business can benefit from our cash management solutions as well as insurance, wealth management, and employer services. Browse the business banking services section on this site to find out more. If you have questions, talk to your Old National relationship manager or come into an Old National banking center. You can also call us at 1-888-455-6420 to find out more.

Has my account number or routing number changed?
It is important to note that the bank routing number has changed for your accounts. Unless we specifically notified you that your account number changed because our system could not support the current account number, your account number remains the same; only your routing number has changed.

How has the transfer of IBT to Old National affected my ATM or Debit Card?
You will have received a new Old National ATM or Debit card. Although your card number has changed, your PIN (Personal Identification Number) remains the same. You should be using your new Old National card and have cut up your IBT card as it will no longer be accepted at ATMs or for purchases.  

What do I need to know about automatic deposits, payments or transfers I had with my IBT account?
Special automatic services you had set up with your IBT checking or savings account(s) like direct deposits, incoming wire transfers and automatic transfers to other accounts have automatically switched to Old National.

Although these services will continue uninterrupted, you will need to request the change in routing numbers from the IBT number to the Old National number 086300012, if you have not already done so. Please note that when you request the routing number change on a direct deposit, some providers will send a confirmation notice after a change has been requested. This confirmation could result in a delay or a mailed check in place of a direct deposit. When contacting the source of your direct deposit, please remember to ask them if the routing number change will delay your next direct deposit in any way. To avoid interruption of any automatic payments from your account such as electric bills, insurance premiums, club memberships, etc, please make the routing number switch to the Old National number 086300012 as soon as possible.

If you have been notified that the account number for one of your accounts has changed, it is  very important to update any direct deposits to that account with the new account number. In addition, if any automatic payments are coming from an account with a new account number, please remember to update to the new number.


Do I have access to more ATMs and branches?
Yes, you now have access to Old National banking centers and ATMs throughout Indiana, Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky.

How do I find an Old National banking center near me?
The locator tool on this site can help you find banking centers and ATMs as well as maps and directions.

What are the hours at Old National banking centers?
You can find the hours for all Old National banking centers using the locator tool on this site.

Have the phone numbers changed at Old National banking centers that were formerly IBT locations?
Yes, former IBT phone numbers changeed after conversion. However, for a period of time, the old numbers will continue to work. You can find the correct phone numbers for each banking center through the locator tool on this site. Another option is to call our Client Care Team at 1-888-455-6420, they will be happy to answer questions or forward you to the appropriate banking center.


How has my Online Banking and Bill Pay service changed?
If you are an IBT Online Banking and/or Bill Pay user, you will have received separate letters with your new Old National Online Banking and Bill Pay user ID and password. 

Does Old National have a service to let me access my accounts by phone?
Yes, you can access your accounts by phone by signing up for Old National's free TouchTone Banking service at 1-800-731-BANK (2265).You will need your new Old National ATM/Debit Card number, your PIN, the last four digits of your Social Security number and the account number you want to access.