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Cash Management

ACH Collections

Collect payments via ACH.

Consumer Direct Debit

Collecting payments is time consuming and costly. The process of invoicing, receiving payments, preparing deposits and handling collections is a challenge for any business. Consumer Direct Debit can simplify the process for you and your customer, allowing you to better utilize your resources.


  • Reduce time spent processing payments
  • Eliminate redundant and manual processes
  • Standardize your receivables flow - you control the payment receipt
  • Enhance customer retention and service through expanded payment options

Represented Check Service (RCK)

Old National’s RCK Service allows you to streamline the collection process, so you can better utilize your time and resources. Convert your client’s returned check to an electronic transaction and increase your collection rate.


  • Increase the likelihood of collection by using Check Conversion
  • Reduce time spent on the collections process
  • Make a total of three (3) presentment attempts with RCK


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