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Cash Management


Reduce time spent processing payments.

Retail Lockbox

Collecting receivables may be a small task for some businesses, but not yours. Your mailbox is full of incoming payments every day - payments that need to be opened, processed and posted. Instead of hiring additional staff, why not use a Retail Lockbox from Old National?


  • Speed receivables collection 
  • Apply payments automatically to your A/R system
  • Reduce staff allocated to the receivables process
  • Reduce or eliminate trips to the bank
  • More cost effective than investing in processing equipment

Wholesale Lockbox

Speed the collection of payments with the use of Old National’s Wholesale Lockbox. Your customers mail their payment to a P.O. Box maintained by Old National. We pick up the mail, process the transactions according to your instructions, and make your deposit. Wholesale Lockbox is a tailored service, which allows you to receive information in a wide variety of channels, including secure e-mail and through the web.


  • Eliminate bank trips
  • Accelerate receivables collection
  • Reduce time preparing and reconciling deposits


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