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Checking & Savings

Our 3-Step E-Z Switch Process

Becoming an Old National client is fast and easy

The right checking account puts you in control by providing solutions that stand up to your financial demands. A quick call or visit with one of our business bankers will help you determine the checking account that best meets your needs.

1-2-3 Switch!

Opening an Old National Bank Business Checking account is easy because we take care of the details.


Opening your account just takes some basic information:

  • Your company's Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  • A copy of your company's registered Articles or Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Existence
  • Names of authorized signers and their Social Security numbers


Setting up Automatic Payments and Direct Deposits can be effortless if you bring us 6-12 months of checking account statements. We will identify all direct deposits and automatic payments.


Once all your checks have cleared and all automatic payments and deposits have been redirected to your Old National account, close your old account. Just sign the Authorization To Close My Account Form and mail it to your former bank.