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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Administration Service

We recognize the needs of our clients and have established the following business units to administer the Employee Benefit Program:

Claims Administration
Our Claims Administration is responsible for the processing and adjudication of the medical, dental, vision and FSA claims.

Eligibility and Billing
Our Eligibility and Billing is responsible for entering new membership, editing membership and terminating membership. We will also perform the monthly billing invoice function.

Customer Service
Customer Service is available to assist our clients, members and provider community in answering benefit, eligibility and claim status information.

Phone: 260-625-7470
Fax: 260-625-7530
Email: customer.service@oldnationalins.com
Website: www.employeeplansllc.com

Specialized Services
Specialized Services is available to assist our clients, members and provider community with Pre-Determination of Benefits for proposed treatments, review of claim appeals, review of medical necessity, coordination of large case management services, 50% notifications to Stop Loss Carriers, Filing of Stop Loss claims.

Quality Control
Our internal audit team reviews a selection of the work produced in our office each day. The team measures the work produced against our quality protocol, develops training sessions and work to ensure a high quality product for our customers.

Visit our employee plans website to find more information about employee plan expertise for your business.

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