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Employee Benefits

Third Party Administration

Employee Plans, LLC

A full service Third Party Administrator, Employee Plans, LLC offers a variety services to help manage your benefit programs. From administrating your health and medical insurance plans to managing claims costs, our experts will work with you to find the best fit for your organization.

Administrative Services
We offer the following administrative services:

  • High Deductible Health Plans
  • Medical Plans
  • Dental Plans
  • Vision Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • COBRA/HIPAA Services
  • Filing of Stop Loss Claims

Partnership Services
We compliment Employee Benefit Administration by partnering with various vendors to exceed the needs of our clients.

  • Utilization Review
  • Large Case Management
  • Preferred Provider Organizations
  • Prescription Benefit Manager

Claims Management
We recognize the spiraling cost of claims. In an effort to manage claim cost, we offer clients with the following value added claim management services:

  • Out of Network re-pricing of claims
  • Out of Network bill negotiation services
  • Claim Edit capabilities
  • Provider Integrity solutions
  • Subrogation recovery

Visit our employee plans website to find more information about employee plan expertise for your business.

Contact Us:

Employee Plans, LLC
1111 Chestnut Hills Parkway
Ft Wayne, IN 46801
Phone: 260-625-7500
Toll Free: 1-800-395-8601
Fax: 260-625-7530


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