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Debit Card Fraud

Although Visa’s Zero Liability Policy1 protects you from unauthorized transactions on your Old National debit card, dealing with a compromised card can still result in much aggravation. Here are some steps you can take to avoid this situation.

What are some common types of debit card fraud?

Thieves obtain information, such as your card number and personal identification number. They then duplicate your card and use it.

Your lost or stolen card is used for unauthorized purchases over the Internet, phone or mail.

What should you be aware of?

Be suspicious if a bank or business unexpectedly calls, emails or texts you asking for debit card information such as your card number, PIN or CSV number (the three-digit security code on the back). The caller may actually be a scam artist using tactics known as phishing, vishing or SMiShing.

When using your card at an ATM or store payment terminal, be alert for attached devices that appear out of place. Such devices may actually be “skimmers” that thieves have placed there to obtain your card information.

How can you protect yourself?

  • Sign the back of your debit card on the signature panel as soon you receive it.
  • Keep your debit card in a safe place and don’t share your PIN with anyone
  • Don’t write your PIN down anywhere, especially on your debit card or on a paper in your wallet.
  • Never provide your debit card number or information via phone, email or text message, unless you initiated the call. Old National will not call, text or email to ask for your debit card number or PIN.
  • Review your monthly statement, or use Old National Online Banking to check your account regularly for fraudulent activity. You can also set up eAlerts to notify you of specific activity, for example when your balance or a withdrawal exceeds a certain amount.
  • Make sure Old National has your current phone number, so we can reach you if there is ever suspicious activity on your debit card.
  • Don’t use your debit card at an ATM machine if someone is lingering nearby or seems suspicious. 
  • When using your debit card, get in the habit of covering your hand when entering your PIN so it can’t be seen by someone.
  • If the machine confiscates your debit card, report it to us immediately.
  • When using your card for a purchase, make certain it is returned before you leave.

Debit card security

Learn more about avoiding debit card fraud on our Debit Card Security page.

Report a lost or stolen debit card immediately.

  • Call 1-800-731-2265 in the U.S. or 1-812-422-2197 outside the U.S.

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