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Checking & Savings

ONB Rewards

Spread the word about Old National checking and earn ONB Rewards!

Old National checking accounts1 deliver service, convenience, choices and benefits. And there's more – ONB Rewards! Refer your friends, family and coworkers to open any Old National checking account and earn ONB Rewards points as our way of saying thanks2.

Start earning ONB Rewards points today!

ONB Rewards points are your reward for spreading the word about Old National checking. When you refer a friend, you earn ONB Rewards points—your ticket to great gifts!

Ready to get started?

Choose from two simple options:

  • Visit a banking center near you and ask any associate for ONB Rewards coupons.
  • Click here for a printable coupon.
Just follow the simple instructions printed on each coupon, and start racking up rewards today!

Track your points, pick your prizes!

Once you start earning points, you'll receive an official login and password. Then visit onbrewards.com to track your progress and redeem your points.


1.  If account is closed within 180 days of open date, a $25 fee will be assessed.

2. To participate in ONB Rewards and earn points/gifts, person referring another is required to be an Old National Bank client. Old National Bank has full discretion relative to point eligibility and the right to disqualify participants in the referral process as a result of fraudulent activities.