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Checking & Savings

Debit Card Cash Bonus

Earn up to $25 back each quarter.

Earn a cash bonus on your everyday purchases. All it takes is an ONB Advantage Checking account and an Old National Debit Card.1

Register and use your debit card.

Your Debit Card makes shopping easy – at the grocery, gas pump or mall. With Advantage Checking and the Debit Card Cash Bonus you can earn up to $25 back each quarter on the things you are already buying. Just save your receipts and submit them with a Cash Bonus Request Form.2

See what our clients say about Advantage Checking.

“I have prescriptions that normally cost $60 a month. Thanks to the Advantage Checking discount card, they are only $48 a month which saves me $12 every month, just on this benefit alone!”

Already an Advantage Checking Member?

Stop by any Old National or call 1-800-731-2265 to register your Debit Card and start stacking up the savings today!

Don’t have an Advantage Checking Account?

Learn about all the benefits of Advantage Checking like security benefits, shopping and dining, travel discounts and healthcare savings. Request your Debit Card when you open your account.


All accounts have a minimum opening deposit of $50.

If account is closed within 180 days of open date, a $25 fee will be assessed.

ONB Advantage Checking available for a monthly service charge.

1.  Subject to credit approval.

2.  For details on Debit Card Cash Bonus, ask any associate or see a Debit Card Cash Bonus brochure. Employees of Old National Bancorp and its subsidiaries are ineligible.

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