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Checking & Savings

Debit Card

It Works Like a Check, Only Better.

The Old National debit card1 is the easy way to pay everywhere you see the VISA® logo. Payment comes directly from your checking account, with transactions easily tracked on your statement. Plus you can do much more with our debit card!

Use your card to get cash at the ATM or checkout line.

  • Your debit card doubles as an ATM card, so use it to get cash at the ATM too.
  • No time to find an ATM? Just ask for cash back when paying with your debit card at many merchants, such as grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores.2 Learn how.

With Advantage Checking, the benefits really stack up.

Learn more Advantage Checking.

Enjoy the security of Verified by VISA.

Protect your online Visa Debit Card purchases with a personal password. Verified by Visa provides reassurance that only you can use your existing debit card online.

Get Your Card Today!

Request your Old National debit card when you open your checking account. To open a checking account, just visit your nearest Old National banking center or call


1.  Subject to credit approval. Card must be attached to an existing Old National checking or money market account.

2. Merchant offering cash back through Visa Debit Card may establish a minimum or maximum amount. The maximum amount must not exceed U.S. $200 or local currency equivalent.

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Have a Lost or Stolen Card?

Call 1-800-264-6623 if in the U.S. or 1-812-422-2197 if outside the U.S.