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Investments & Retirement


Build the financial future you richly deserve.

The investment world is always changing, and so are your dreams and expectations. You need a partner to help you manage change, in your life and in the market, with an array of innovative products and services.

Individual Investor Services

  • Education Funding
  • Estate Planning
  • Exercise of Company Options
  • Goal Setting and Analysis
  • Online Account Information
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Retirement Strategies

Institutional Investor Services

  • Investment Management
  • Full Service Brokerage
  • Retirement and Benefit Plans


Annuities (Fixed and Variable)


Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

  • Diversify your portfolio and create a steady income stream
  • Choose from a variety of terms and options
  • Enjoy the protection and security of a proven FDIC-insured investment tool
  • Balance your portfolio by “laddering” multiple CDs. Laddering investments allows you to vary and improve your rate of return

Although Certificates of Deposits are FDIC-insured, when they are purchased and sold in the secondary market, commonly referred to as “brokered CDs”, they will fluctuate in value and if sold prior to maturity are subject to risks including the possible loss of principal amount invested.


Fixed Income Investments (Bonds)

Fixed income investing offers several key benefits:

  • Diversification—May reduce volatility in your portfolio and assist in diversification
  • Income—Fixed income dividends help supplement other income sources
  • Potential tax advantages—Some fixed income investments are exempt from federal and/or state income taxes

Income may be subject to the federal alternative minimum tax (AMT) for certain investors.  Fixed income investments are subject to risks including: market, credit and interest rate risk.


Life Insurance

In addition to providing you with financial protection and peace of mind, some life insurance policies (such as whole life policies) provide you with a tax-deferred cash flow for your retirement years.


Long-Term Care Insurance

This insurance coverage is typically designed to cover the cost of custodial care in nursing homes or extended care facilities.


Money Market Funds

These popular investment funds offer benefits like:

  • Check writing privileges
  • Automatic investment and withdrawal features
  • Dividends reinvested at net asset value or in cash
  • Flexibility - available as an IRA, Roth IRA or Coverdell Education Savings Account
  • Allows you to take advantage of dollar-cost averaging


Mutual Funds



Separately Managed Accounts*

Your customized portfolio of stocks and/or bonds and cash will be guided by a professional investment manager.

  • Specify investment restrictions (e.g., no alcohol or tobacco stocks)
  • Request tax-loss selling



Investing in stocks allows you to own shares of publicly held companies.

  • Common shares provide excellent long-term growth potential
  • Possible dividends create extra income
  • Typically outperform the rate of inflation over the long term

°Stocks are subject to risks including market risk.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The value of securities will fluctuate and when redeemed, shares may be worth more or less that their original cost.


Securities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial, A registered Investment Advisor, member FINRA/SIPC. Insurance products offered through LPL Financial or its licensed affiliates. The investment products sold through LPL Financial are not insured Old National Bank deposits and are not FDIC insured. These products are not obligations of the Old National Bank and are not endorsed, recommended or guaranteed by Old National Bank or any government agency. The value of the investment may fluctuate, the return on the investment is not guaranteed, and loss of principal is possible. Old National Bank and Old National Investments are not registered broker/dealers and are not affiliated with LPL Financial.

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