Community Insights

Old National welcomes our responsibility to effectively manage our social, cultural and economic resources in partnership with our associates, clients, vendors and communities. We seek to accomplish this by continually examining our organizational practices and our role in cultivating strong, sustainable communities, now and for future generations.

Equipment donations foster sustainability

In 2016 and early 2017, Old National donated nearly 1,200 units of refurbished electronic equipment, with an in-kind value of $172,400, to 39 nonprofit organizations within our footprint. Since this equipment redeployment program began in 2013, Old National has donated roughly 4,600 units of equipment with an in-kind dollar value of $612,600

Sustainability-focused facilities improvements

Old National continues to look for opportunities to make existing facilities more environmentally sustainable via a shift from traditional to LED lighting, and to utilize environmentally sustainable building practices in new construction projects.

Helping Foundation Grant recipients increase sustainability

The Old National Bank Foundation is helping our non-profit grant recipients increase their commitment to sustainability through highly specific, outcome-focused reporting requirements. All grant recipients are asked to complete interim and final reporting designed to guide the organization in establishing a sustainable strategic plan with measurable outcomes.

One example is Growing Hope of Ypsilanti, Mich. An Old National Bank Foundation Grant enabled Growing Hope to establish a downtown farmer’s market that connects low-to-moderate income families with healthy food, year-round.

Download our 2016-2017 Community & Social Responsibility Report.