As a fourth generation farmer on land that has been in the family since 1848, Bill Schroeder has a proud heritage. But try to get him to tell you about his farm, and he’ll humbly decline, stating that he doesn’t want to seem like he’s boasting.

So, we’ll do the boasting for him. In its nearly 170 years of operation, Schroeder Farms, located in Edwardsport, Indiana, in the southwest corner of the state, has grown from its original 80 acres to 3,000.

In 1975, at age 26, Bill took over the farm. In the ensuing years, he grew and adapted the business to keep pace with changing technology to make it the success it is today.

“Being in the business of farming and agriculture can be challenging, but it’s a good challenge,” said Bill. Today, with his wife Jean and sons Brian and Kent, Bill cultivates grain including corn, soybeans and wheat.

As a young farmer, Bill searched for a banking partner to help him with his finances. In 1967, he opened an account with Security Bank in Freelandville. Security had an excellent reputation for working with farmers.

According to Bill, Old National, which acquired Security in 1987, has successfully carried on that tradition. “Throughout the years, we’ve been able to count on Old National for good advice and counsel,” said Bill.

“As the operation has grown and as changes have come to the farming industry, I’ve always gotten an opinion and input from the people at Old National.”

Today the Schroeder family works with Relationship Manager Steve Blinn and Vincennes Region President Helen Seirp and the local banking center team.

Bill acknowledges that the Old National team has served his family well. “It’s been a good, long-term relationship. But I keep them honest by shopping around,” he added with a laugh.

“It’s been a privilege to work with Bill and to be a part of helping his operation keep pace with industry changes and watch his family business grow and succeed,” said Steve.

“The Schroeders are such great people, and they have an incredible family legacy,” said Helen. “We appreciate and never take for granted the lasting relationships we’ve shared with clients like the Schroeders.”

Financing for your business

As your business grows, so will the need to support growth expenses such as expansion, inventory and equipment and cash flow. A loan or line of credit from Old National can help finance these costs.