When we recently met single mother Brooke and her young daughter, who were determined to be first-time homeowners, we were lucky enough to help make these exact dreams a reality for them.

Hey there. I'm Miles, Vice President of our Extraordinary Associate and Client Amazement Story Reenactment Department. Or more simply, our associates are doing some amazing work, subtle and profound, for our clients. Stuff Old National thinks is worth sharing. So, voila, before I knew it I had nine new words in my job title, and I'm here with you fine people.

I wanna tell you about Jamie Hermann, an Old National mortgage loan originator. That's that guy right over there, and you're gonna love him. He's with Brooke, she's a single mom. She lives with her parents and is a school secretary. She works hard raising a little girl, and she's dedicated her life to helping children. She has dreams, home ownership at the top of that list. Lucky for her, she's come to the right person. Our guy Jamie helps people like Brooke every day.

In her case, a different bank was unable to help her close on the home of her dreams, but to Jamie, Brooke isn't just another borrower. That's why he's passionate about finding a solution to help her dream come true. So he made some calls to help her find payment assistance as a first-time home buyer, and then guided her into the right mortgage.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Jamie does what he does because it's the right thing to do, not because it's required. Brooke and her daughter are home now, and dreaming about all the other possibilities that lie ahead.

At Old National, banking isn't just about the transactions that get you in and out the door, it's about caring enough to open new doors. Our greatest accomplishments aren't just measured in numbers. They're measured in the lives our associates touch every day. As your bank for life, we plan to keep it that way. We call it banking with heart. It's personal and undeniably human.

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