Outside of her Bloomington, Indiana, banking center, Esther impacts lives through service with passion and purpose.

Hi there, I'm Miles, Vice President of the Extraordinary Associate and Client Amazement Stories Reenactment Department.

Old National has an incredible culture of associates and customers interacting together every day, enriching each other's lives in the communities we live in. My job is to bring these special stories to life and today, you're gonna meet Esther Fuentes, a retail center assistant manager. Having moved to the US from Nicaragua, she's using her career with Old National and her experience with the language barrier to educate and empower the Hispanic community in Bloomington, Indiana.

Recently, a family came to Esther to help translate a critical mortgage document, helping to save their home. She realized many of Bloomington's Spanish speaking community were struggling to make sense of banking just as she had so many years ago. So helping became her new passion. Word quickly spread and she'd often come into the office to find people waiting in line to talk with her from as far away as Seymour, Indiana, a two hour round trip.

Esther also began volunteering at El Centro Comunal, a non-profit organization providing education and translation services for hundreds of Latinos, showing them they are valued and are an integral part of the community.

At Old National, banking isn't about where you come from, it's about exploring all the places you can go and when opportunity arises, lending a hand to help you get there. As your bank for life, we plan to keep it that way. That's banking with heart. It's progressive and proudly inclusive.

Experience banking with heart

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