When Katie first met Bill and helped with his dog Buddy's medical expenses, she never anticipated the bond they would develop.

Hi there, I'm Miles and I'm back with another story from the Extraordinary Associate and Client Amazement Stories Reenactment files and I think you're gonna find this one truly inspiring. Our associates do some pretty neat things for our clients sometimes even drastically changing their lives. Other times when it's least expected, clients come along whose circumstances lead to unlikely friendships. And teach us a few lessons of their own.

Meet Katie, that's just what happened to her when she met Bill. Bill a retired Air force veteran needed a loan, his dog Buddy meant the world to him. Like Bill, Buddy was getting old and having some health issues, Bill needed help paying Buddy's veterinary expenses. Rather than a loan Katie suggested Bill open a credit card account instead. It was a more practical solution for managing Buddy's ongoing needs. On that day Katie and Bill became fast friends, like they'd known one another forever.

From then on Bill would stop in just to visit with Katie, the entire staff began looking forward to Bill and Buddy's visits and over time the banking center associates became like family. One day Kate was walking Bill to his truck as usual before starting it Bill said, "Keep your fingers crossed." The truck was having some problems, sure enough when he got in and turned the key, nothing. Luckily there was a car parts store just next door and the owner happened to be an Old National client. Shortly Katie returned with two men from the store, one of them like Bill, was a veteran, when Bill tried to pay the men refused payment. They thanked Bill for his service and sent him on his way. Katie can't help but marvel at how that first chance encounter with Bill and his dog Buddy lead to their unlikely friendship.

At Old National banking isn't about our own self interests it's about working together, developing bonds and building legacies that last a lifetime. As your bank for life we plan to keep it that way. That's banking with heart, it's personal and surprisingly rewarding.

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