At Old National, we focus on an individual’s talent and not their disability. We are committed to increasing representation of individuals with disabilities in all levels of our workforce and our recruitment efforts reflect this commitment.

Bring Achieve Ability to your Organization

Our goal with Achieve Ability is to share this program throughout the region to all communities, employers and states that are willing to adopt being inclusive. Contact Ben Trockman for more information or to schedule a presentation.

Our outreach efforts help ensure that individuals with disabilities are provided with equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and the hiring process. Reasonable accommodations are provided to all associates in order to maintain a high level of engagement and productivity.

In addition to our internal efforts, we desire to assist individuals with disabilities in gaining successful employment through our community partnerships through Achieve Ability. The Achieve Ability mentoring program connects executive leaders and individuals with disabilities for a year-long mutually beneficial mentoring relationship.

Are you a possible Achieve Ability mentee? Want to learn more?

Email Ben Trockman or call him at 812-468-7898.