Hi. It's Miles again, Vice President of our Extraordinary Associate and Client Amazement Story Re-enactment Department.

You know the saying “think outside the box?” At Old National, we say, “what box?” And that attitude encourages our associates to create some pretty awesome programs that are unique in our industry.

Take our Financial Empowerment initiative, for instance. It's helping change lives by teaching people how to control their finances instead of letting their finances control them.

Ben Joergens and Nashelle Frazier are Old National associates who spend 100% of their time providing financial education in the communities we serve. Now, the whole idea of “financial education” may sound mundane but wait 'til you hear what they and the team of 82 associate volunteers who work with them are doing. 

Now, one might ask, “when are kids old enough for financial education?” Our answer is, “you can’t start too soon.” We are teaching kindergarteners through high schoolers how to become financially literate.

When community groups, nonprofits and businesses came to us for assistance in helping their employees become more confident in managing their money, we created Real Life Finance. Understanding basic tools like setting a budget or establishing savings goals not only reduces stress for these employees, it frees them to focus on work and family and to achieve their longer-term goals. 

Inmates who've been convicted of non-violent offenses find our 12 Steps to Financial Success program help them gain critical skills to prepare them for life after prison. Starting with basics like balancing a checkbook, we teach them how to confidently handle their money, which, in turn, helps to reduce the chances of returning to prison. Fact is, this program has worked so well that it's been recognized nationally for its contribution to improving the communities where we have offered it.

We’re grateful that we have people like Ben and Nashelle, and the many other Old National associate volunteers who are so passionate about financial education, not because it's a requirement of their job, but because it makes such a difference in the lives of those they teach. That’s the ONB Way. It's community banking...with heart. It's personal and undeniably human.

Experience banking with heart

It's about supporting communities and caring for people. Taking time to listen. Understanding goals and finding solutions to help reach them. Building personal connections that last a lifetime. Want to experience banking with heart? Call us at 1-800-731-2265, visit a banking center or email us. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you!