Hey there, this is Miles, back again with another story from the extraordinary associate and client amazement story reenactment files.

This one definitely heats things up a bit.

This is Elle Werley, a Merchant Services Account Executive with Old National. For one local pizzeria owner, she quickly became the light at the end of a tunnel, so the speak.

He'd received a letter from a different financial institution informing him his ability to accept credit and debit cards was being interrupted.

That forced him to operate his two busy locations on a cash only basis, adding up to nearly $4,000 in revenue lost a week per location.

Panicked, he contacted Elle and explained his situation, and that the following week he had a surgery scheduled. He couldn't afford to lose another penny, and he couldn't miss the surgery tending to business matters.

Elle made time to meet with him the very same day to discuss his options and get his application processed.

The terminals were delivered the next day to each respective pizzeria. Elle even assisted with the network configuration, and personally answered questions about using the new machines.

At Old National, banking isn't just about following a well-laid plan. It's about being there for clients with the knowledge and technology needed for everything life throws at them along the way.

That's banking with heart. It's local, relatable and always reliable.

Payment solutions for your business.

When your customers expect flexible ways to pay, Old National Merchant Services can help, with options ranging from debit cards to mobile wallets.