Video Transcript
MILES: Hello. Miles, here – and I'm excited about what could be called Old National's signature fundraising event of the year. I'm going to be one of “100 Men Who Cook.” And, I'm teamed up with two of our celebrity chefs, Ben & Bob. So, what are we going to be cooking up this year?

BOB: This year Miles, we'll be cooking up classic Boston lobster macaroni and cheese, phenomenal!

BEN: Good for all Redsox fans.

MILES: Oh really, are you both Redsox fans? 

BOB: That would be no Miles, I happen to be an Indians fan, but I lost the bet. 

MILES: Ahh, well congratulations to you!

BEN: Oh, I thank you.

MILES: So right now this room is empty, but in a few hours, it's going to be filled with people helping us to raise money for worthwhile causes in our community. The coveted award is the "Golden Spatula." How many “Golden Spatulas” do you guys have?

BOB: Like my Indians Miles, zero.

BEN: But we're going to get there. We're working on it.

MILES: I have high hopes for this year. I'm looking forward to working with you guys.

BEN: Thanks, Miles.

MILES: So each year, 100 well-known men – and women – from the community retreat to their respective kitchens to concoct their favorite dishes. They could be bankers, community leaders – anyone who's locally known. 

And, after carefully and earnestly preparing their food, the chef sets up in an effort to entice the crowd of friends, family, and fellow community members to taste their special dish. The winner – the one who gets the most tips, and raises the most money – is awarded the “Golden Spatula” which earns them the hefty sum of bragging rights for the year. 

Along with the over 100 food options, guests are treated with games, drawings or silent auctions. It's all of the makings of the usual fundraiser, set in a casual and care-free atmosphere.

The proceeds are then distributed to worthy causes. So far, from 57 events throughout the Old National footprint, more than $6 million has been raised and donated.

MILES: So, once "Golden Spatula?"

BOB: Much like my beloved Indians, there's always next year. 

BEN: I think Bob went a little heavy on the salt. 

MILES: I think that might be true. 100 Men Who Cook, just another example of how we “tastefully” personify banking with heart. It's the ONB way.