Video Transcript

What I like most about telling these stories is the fact that, many times, opportunities to do great things suddenly appear, simply as a result of us doing our jobs.

Take John Hodges, for instance. Throughout the course of a meeting, John learned about Brittany, a single mother whose special needs son was confined to a wheelchair. Brittany expressed her dream to become a homeowner and to have a place where Kingston could grow up. If possible, a home that was equipped to accommodate his particular needs.

You've heard of the “ripple effect.” John immediately dropped the pebble in the pond and the ripples appeared. He contacted mortgage loan officer Sara Whitley who reached out to Operation Fresh Start – an organization that provides disconnected youth a path forward through hands-on home construction. Not only were they excited about building a home for a mother and her child, they wanted to take it a step further, and build a home specially designed for Kingston with all of the amenities perfectly suited for his abilities. Brittany can’t wait to become a homeowner and is looking forward to providing Kingston the perfect place to grow – all at a cost less than the rent she has been paying.

They say the time to seize an opportunity is when it presents itself. This wonderful success story started with a mother's dream and was made possible by people willing to go beyond their day-to-day routine. That's banking with heart. It's the ONB Way.

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