Video Transcript

Hi. It's Miles again. Something you often hear at Old National is "do the right thing." Recently, one of our associates reminded us that this shouldn't just pertain to what we do in our jobs, but to how we treat our customers beyond the "normal" context of customer service.

This is Carrie Lumex – a member of our Plymouth, Minnesota team. One day, she received a call from her long-time customer, Rose. Rose's husband had recently passed away, and she needed Carrie's help to remove him from a trust that they had built together. The initial appointment was “business as usual.” But, later, during a follow-up visit, Carrie heard something in Rose’s voice and realized she was having a particularly rough day. During the visit, Rose confided in Carrie that she was having difficulty fulfilling one of her husband's final wishes. He wanted to have an Air Force service medallion placed on his gravestone. A special Memorial Day service had been planned, which was fast approaching, and Rose had yet to obtain the medallion for the service. As the spouse of an Air Force veteran herself, Carrie could empathize and felt an immediate connection, so she offered to help. Carrie reached out to the local VA Director's secretary, who assured her that the forms would be hand-delivered and every effort would be made to fulfill Rose’s request. Just two days before Memorial Day, Carrie received a visit from Rose, the medallion had arrived just in time for the service. 

Carrie said this is one of the reasons she walked through the doors of the bank two years ago: to develop relationships that take the banking experience from a place customers have to be, to a place customers WANT to be. That's banking with heart – it’s personal, and it's undeniably human.

Experience banking with heart

It's about supporting communities and caring for people. Taking time to listen. Understanding goals and finding solutions to help reach them. Building personal connections that last a lifetime. Want to experience banking with heart? Call us at 1-800-731-2265, visit a banking center or email us. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you!