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When the right opportunity comes along, you can't let it pass you by.

Being active in our communities is important and giving back is a big part of that. When I joined Old National, my boss, knowing I rode motorcycles suggested that I do more than just ride for my own pleasure and challenged me to use my passion as a way to do something for the community. It was a great idea, but I needed some time to figure it out.

One day, I was working with a client who was involved in helping kids impacted by high levels of poverty and crime. She inspired my wife Jeana and me to help out. That year, we found ourselves shopping for kids' shoes and coats to donate to their cause. Following the holidays, we got a card and written in crayon was a thank you from a child that received one of our coats.

That's when I remembered my boss' challenge. Bikes and community service. I knew what I needed to do. A motorcycle ride to raise money to benefit more of these kids.

We met with our friends at the American Legion Posts in Pendleton and the Pendleton Correctional Facility. They helped us secure donations for our cause and helped coordinate our ride which ended inside the prison.

The heart of our mission is to serve these kids. Most of us will never know the kinds of challenges they face. That's why we'll continue to bring more and more awareness to their situations to grow this event and the dollars we raise to help them as much as possible. In a couple of years, we've expanded from helping one neighborhood organization to now providing resources for an entire school.

My boss would probably say it took a little time to get my community service motor running, but I found the right cause at the right time, and now we're going full throttle.

That's what Banking with Heart means to me.

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