PAUL SACKMANN, BUSINESS BANKER: I met Tom and Sanjay about 10 years ago, and that was in the process of helping finance their retail bakery operation that started this whole thing, and then worked with them ever since.

THOMAS ROEPSCH, MANVEE CO-OWNER : We purchased a retail facility around 2010 that contained a bakery in it to provide donuts for our retail facility. We expanded it because we were approached by other retailers looking for the same product. Shortly thereafter, in 2012, we moved the whole facility to this present location in Greendale, Wisconsin. When it came time to expand, because it was so quick, that we were using available cash to make that happen, and that was working, but not very efficiently. It would create problems for cash flow, and then things would get tight. We worked very hard without getting paid for many years. We contacted Paul and talked about our plans. We were gonna expand retail first and talked to Paul about doing that, and he helped with that. Then we talked about expanding a bakery facility, and Paul was involved in that. We need a long list of equipment, we need to expand our building, we have a need for trucks and some working capital, and all because he understood our business and knew us, was the right fit for us. Since then, we've added a number of automated lines and new equipment, and it's been growing very quickly, and now we're approaching capacity at this facility again. We have an additional facility that we purchased in Indiana, in Merrillville, Indiana, which is slightly larger than this one. It, too, has automated equipment and a fleet of trucks. All in the last eight years, eight, nine years, so it's been very rapid.

PAUL: The one thing I've always appreciated is the partnership that they have. Tom and Sanjay are very different individuals in a good way. Sanjay is more the operations, getting things done with the employees and making sure the operations and meeting their clients are there, while I get to work with Tom probably a little bit more 'cause he's the accountant and working on the financials and planning from the financial lending perspective. Getting to work with them makes my life easier knowing each roles in their business are being taken care of.

SANJAY PATEL, MANVEE CO-OWNER: My job and my partner's job was to get more business, because we know we have a team with Old National Bank -- that they are really good so we can go and find more and more business, and once we get more business they always come up with the money and equipment.

THOMAS: It's a challenge on a banker to keep up with us and to understand what we need and to be ahead of us, sort of predict what we're gonna need. He's been helpful in keeping us on the right track for that, knowing what our needs are gonna be and making sure he's planned ahead for us, and that's been helpful.

THOMAS: I'm proud of the growth and the speed of that growth. It's been impressive, and we're still keeping up with the continued growth that we see coming forward.

PAUL: I always like working with the business owners that trust in me to help in as many ways as possible. They view it as a partnership, and how we can help them in their growth and be successful, and that's how everybody wins. We know they have big plans for the future, and we'll hopefully be in lock-step with them along the way. We look forward to it.

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