Jim Ryan: Hello, I'm Jim Ryan, Chairman and CEO of Old National Bank. I'm pleased to be joined by Indiana's Governor, Eric Holcomb and Head of North America Financial Services for Infosys, Dennis Gada. We just shared some exciting new with the Governor that Old National and Infosys are embarking on a multi-year technology partnership that will enable Old National to accelerate our technology infrastructure modernization and increase our innovation. We're confident this partnership will significantly enhance our client experiences. 

The technology investments required for financial services are only accelerating, and we knew we needed a strong partner to help us maximize those investments. Not only is Infosys a leading global information technology company, they're also making a major investment in the State of Indiana and just an importantly, Old National and Infosys share a common set of values, and a deep commitment to community and serving each one of our clients. 

For all those reasons, Dennis, I think it made great sense to pick Infosys as our partner.

Dennis Gada, Infosys: Thank you, Jim, and great to be here with you and the Governor today. Absolutely, we at Infosys are certainly delighted and honored to partner with Old National Bank. You and I have a shared vision of this partnership to really anchor it around transformation. In today's times, banks are going through a huge amount of disruption, digitization of processes, improving customer experience and really modernizing the technology landscape. And we truly believe that the ONB Way strategy that you have and the “Navigate Your Next” strategy at Infosys can really align to drive that transformation, help you better serve your clients, your communities and accelerate your growth. 

You talked about Indiana. Indiana is very special for us. Thanks to Governor Holcomb and his amazing team, we've made major investments in Indiana in the last couple of years. We started the first Technology and Innovation Hub in the US. in Indianapolis, and it has grown significantly. We are also starting a U.S. Education Center in Indiana. Phase one is ready to be launched later this year and we are really excited. 

So, I'm very, very optimistic. This partnership gives opportunities to both our firms to really drive innovation and accelerate our growth, expand our presence in Indiana. So, thanks again for the partnership.

Jim Ryan: Thank you, Dennis, and we're so excited to be partnering with Infosys and you, and just so look forward to our partnership. Governor, thanks so much for making this possible. I mean, the fact that Indiana invested early in Infosys really is the foundation of how we got to know Infosys.

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb: Yeah, we've come a long way fast and I just could not be prouder to be with you, Jim, and you, Dennis. And to see this kind of partnership that's really made in heaven. You share so many common values, a real commitment to high ethical standards, a real commitment to the value of your customer satisfaction and the customer experience and your employee wellness. These are things that I've come to know, both of you personally. 

I'm a card-carrying member of Old National Bank, by the way, and my family has been since I was a little guy. So, to see this all come to fruition and what will come from it. It's not just a great day for Infosys and for Old National, it's a great day for the State of Indiana.

Jim Ryan: Well, Governor, we're just so grateful for your leadership. Thank you for making the trip down here to help us celebrate this outstanding partnership. And Dennis, thank you for your commitment to our partnership.