You know how convenient your debit card is for access to quick cash. And maybe you always use it when paying in person. But what about when shopping online?

If your debit card isn’t your go-to option for online payments, you could be missing out. Here are five advantages to using your debit card for all your purchases, including online, and how you can make the most of those benefits:

1. It’s convenient.
You don’t need to carry around multiple cards when you can just keep your debit card on-hand–for cash, for in-store purchases and online. It’s easy to use everywhere cards are accepted. Plus, you can add more convenience by storing your debit card number with your favorite online retailer and choosing it as your default payment. And using only your debit card that’s linked to your bank account also means you can eliminate paying credit card bills every month (and eliminate those interest payments, too).

Helpful tip: When you’re asked to choose if your card is a debit or credit card, you can select either one. Pick “credit” to eliminate that extra step of punching in your PIN, or select “debit” if you want an easy way to skip the ATM and get extra cash back during your in-store checkout.

2. It’s secure. You have several layers of security built in to your debit card. First, you aren’t responsible for unauthorized transactions (if someone snags your card or card number), as long as you report them to your bank. Also, some debit cards, like those from Old National, include easy-to-use digital card controls that let you turn off your card immediately if you misplace it or notice suspicious transactions–and then turn it back on whenever you’re ready. At Old National, we go the extra mile to keep you safe by enrolling every debit card holder in free 24/7 fraud monitoring service.

Helpful tip: Make sure you’re enrolled in digital banking (with updated contact info) so you can easily monitor your account and set alerts for suspicious activity on your card. Once you’re enrolled in digital banking at Old National, you can always control these alerts by signing in online or through the mobile app.

3. You can go contactless. Add your compatible debit card to your smartphone or smartwatch using Apple PayTM, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Once your card has been added to your digital wallet, you won’t even need to carry your card with you. Your card information will be safely stored in your device–and will even use a separate device number when you pay for extra security. Even better, you’ll be able to hold your device over the sensor at checkout, so no contact will be required. (Because avoiding germs is a good thing.)

Helpful tip: Setting up your digital wallet is easy, but each company handles the process a little differently. Make sure you review the steps for your device when setting up your Old National debit card.

4. You can keep your budget intact.
It’s easy to overspend with a credit card. Sometimes, you can go way out of your budget without even realizing it. But sooner or later, the credit card bill arrives, and the interest starts piling up. When you use a debit card, the money is taken directly from your bank account when you make a purchase–and that helps you stay within your means.

Helpful tip: You can track your budget and goals through digital tools like Money Management from Old National, available inside online banking and the mobile app. It’s one more way to have all your financial information in one convenient place.

5. You can keep track in real-time.
Since those debit-card purchases are accounted for when you make them (instead of adding up on a credit card until the end of your billing cycle), you also can keep track of them easier. You can see the purchases and payments you’ve made sooner, as well as the effect they have on your balance, in one glance and in one place. And that keeps you in control.

Helpful tip: Card controls in Old National online banking and its mobile app also enable you to set spending limits with alerts, so you’re notified of any potential problems in real-time, too.

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