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Scammers are impersonating bank call center and fraud department employees.

Digital transformation has altered the ways in which you can perform financial transactions and interact with your bank. In addition to traditional methods like visiting or calling a banking center or using an automated teller machine (ATM), you can connect to your bank accounts online through a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Secure chat and text alerts can help you manage your money. Unfortunately, these changes in digital communications have also led scammers to alter their techniques for fraud.

Scammers may try to impersonate your bank. They may make the bank’s number appear on the phone display or they may claim to be a bank representative. They may inform you that fraud or suspicious activity has occurred on your account and that they can help, if you follow their instructions—which may, in reality, compromise your account.

At Old National Bank, recent cases have included: scammers claiming to be from the Old National Fraud Department, investigating a breach in your account, and others appearing to call from the Old National Client Care phone number. They state that unauthorized access to your online banking has occurred. They ask to send a code to your phone and for you to provide the code to them so they can secure your account.

In other instances, scammers claim that someone has taken money from your account and ask you to send money to recover it. They may ask for information such as online banking username or password, Social Security number or other personal details. They may even ask you to send money via wire or to withdraw cash. Additionally, they may request that you NOT discuss the issue with anyone at Old National or ask you to lie to your banker.

As your financial partner, we are passionately committed to protecting the security and privacy of your accounts and personal information.

Please note that Old National Bank will NEVER call and ask you to do any of the following:

  • Wire money
  • Withdraw cash, money orders or cashier’s checks to be sent through the mail
  • Purchase and mail gift cards or provide the card numbers over the phone
  • Provide your Digital Banking User ID, password or verification code, or any other security questions. (Scammers use this information to reset credentials and take over online accounts.)

If you are suspicious of a call, hang up and call Old National directly at 1-800-731-2265.

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Martha Henderson is the Old National Corporate Security Manager and a blog contributor on topics regarding security and fraud.

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