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Video Transcript

It all started as an idea.

My wife and I were driving through town, chatting about some local events. Seeing our son in the back seat, we realized that he didn't have the opportunity to see people like him celebrating in the community, and we decided to change that. 

So my wife and I launched the first Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific festival in 2017. Old National was the first to help with funding, and that inspired other donors to help. 

About 10,000 people joined us to celebrate our culture that year to experience the foods, entertainment, and the traditions, and I cried tears of joy. 

It turns out we weren't the only ones who wanted this. The whole community wanted this. We just needed to get it off the ground. 

Our idea had come to life. As collaborations grew, so did our attendance and it kept growing, with many people traveling from three to four hours away. We saw children who rarely felt like they had a voice, now performing on stage for everyone. We saw many different groups coming together to learn and share. 

We're using some of the funds that we raised to open a school in India, and we're giving back to local nonprofits, helping to buy school supplies. And through it all, we're inspiring the younger people in the community, just like my son. 

In 2017, we saw what this could be, and because Old National recognized our vision, we see even more potential for its future. And that's what Banking with Heart means to me.

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