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The HSA Authority Insights


One of the best features of your HSA is saving money through tax-free contributions. Could it get any better? Yes...yes it can. You can also EARN money with your HSA.

First of all, ALL HSA checking account balances earn competitive interest rates and are FDIC insured at the HSA Authority. Plus, your contributions can be invested, and all of the earnings and dividends deposited BACK into your account – tax free. So, you're not only saving money, you're MAKING money.

If you're already saving for those future medical, dental and vision expenses, wouldn't it be smart to invest and get the highest rate of return possible? Here's how:

Once you've saved $1,000.00, you can establish an HSA Investment Account, using your contributions.  With this account, you'll have the ability to transfer funds to and from your HSA checking account. And, what's really nice is, YOU choose how to invest. There are a variety of mutual funds to choose from, plus, The HSA Authority gives you investment tools to help you make smart decisions. And all interest and investment returns are totally tax free?

Obviously, an HSA Checking account, at Old National Bank, is required before you can begin investing, and must remain open while funds are invested with HSA Investment Services. There IS a Low annual fee, allowing you to make UNLIMITED transactions in, out and between funds.

For Transfer requests between HSA Investment Services accounts and HSA Checking, just log into your HSA investment account from

You also have the option to open an FDIC-insured HSA certificate of deposit, which earns higher rates than standard HSA checking. And, of course, all earnings are tax free. Just call client care for available rates and terms.

For Mutual Fund Options and prospectus, to Learn more about Mutual Funds or CDs, to sign up, or, for any other questions, just visit

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