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Alumni Group

Legacy Group

A place for Old National retirees to stay connected.

We recognize the important role our Old National retirees have played in making us a strong community leader. Our retirees have devoted their skills and talents in many different ways to make us the company we are today. When our associates retire, our appreciation of their committed service does not end; they are invited to remain very much a part of the Old National family as Legacy Group Alumni.

The Legacy Group offers a variety of ways for Old National Alumni to stay connected with current associates and other retirees. It also provides a mutually-beneficial way for retirees to continue shaping Old National’s future by contributing their knowledge and experience.

If you’re an Old National retiree, we invite you to join us for educational seminars, occasional idea-exchange meetings, volunteer efforts and many other Legacy Group opportunities.

Special Perks and Benefits

Find out about benefit changes or special perks for Legacy Group Alumni.

Legacy Group News

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Volunteer Opportunities

Participate in company-sponsored community events.

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