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Associate Profile

Michelle Quirk, Teller Balancing Clerk
Old National Service Division

My Best Day at Old National Was. . .

It was the winter of 2009 when Michelle Quirk, teller balancing clerk with the Old National Service Division (in Evansville, Indiana) received some bad news. Her family’s furnace was leaking carbon monoxide, meaning they couldn’t turn it on. Unable to afford the cost of replacing it at the time, they were trying to warm their home with space heaters.

“It was right before Christmas,” she recalls. “And we had a house full of people with 5 kids, 6 every other weekend, living there. Using space heaters was expensive, and we were still cold.” But then, her situation took a turn on what she now says was her “best day at Old National.”

Michelle had submitted a wish request to ONe Wish, a unique program designed to help associates with hardships and emergency situations. Michelle was unaware that two of her co-workers had submitted the same wish – that her family receive a new furnace. She received the phone call she remembers well. She was told her family was a ONe Wish recipient, and that the bank would be paying for them to install a new furnace.

“I’ve worked at Old National since 1999, when I answered a classified ad in the newspaper,” says Michelle. “I’ve always thought it was a good company to work for. We have a good benefit package, flexibility if we have something happen with one of the kids, and I don’t think I could go someplace else and make what I do here without a degree. But having them buy me a furnace was more than I ever expected.”

Adds Michelle, “It makes me proud to say I work for a company that not only helps in the community, but also helps their own associates. They come through for people, and that means so much.”

Old National Bancorp is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.

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