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Associate Profile

Sarah Selkirk, Retail Center Manager, AVP
Old National Northern Region

Having fun on the job. . .

In her delightful British accent, Sarah Selkirk tells how she “came across the pond” from England in 1997, on a journey that eventually brought her to the Eddy Street Commons banking center in South Bend, Indiana – where she is now the manager and AVP. Along with a strong work ethic, she brought with her a sense of enthusiasm and fun. Her regular quest to make people laugh is shared by her team of five, who has in fact dubbed their boss “Queen Sarah.”

During the construction of the Eddy Street banking center, Sarah joked with her team about “the way she would do things if she were queen.” So one day, after the banking center opened, they asked her to come out into the lobby and close her eyes. At that time, they presented her with a crown, cape, scepter and royal pillow to sit her crown upon. All were made by Assistant Manager Teresa Ferro.

“They said that I’m now officially Queen of Eddy Street,” laughs Sarah. “They even convinced me to put it all on during our grand opening. I keep it in my drawer and put it on when I want to make people laugh.”

Sarah is also known for doing her “happy dance” each time a new checking account is opened. One day, with 7 accounts opened, everyone laughed as she did a lot of dancing around the office. At times, other Eddy Street employees have been known to join in.

“I have a really great team of employees who make my job fun,” says Sarah. “They’re dependable and hard-working, and they just seem to know if one team member is having a rough day. That’s when they do something to make everyone laugh, like maybe the happy dance.”

“We know we have a job to do, but it’s great to celebrate our achievements,” she says. “I can’t think of any better way than laughing and being a little goofy sometimes.”


Old National Bancorp is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.

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