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Training and Development

At Old National, new associates receive all necessary training to thoroughly prepare them to excel at work. We also support our associates’ desire for career development and assist them in preparing for future opportunities.

Associates have access to a wide range of educational resources through our Old National University (ONU). Offerings range from Microsoft Word and Excel classes to career development and leadership training. Associates can take advantage of more than 100 courses offered in both classrooms and online to advance their skills and knowledge.

We also offer a career development web site that gives associates many tools and resources to explore, plan and manage their careers. In addition, each year associates may apply to participate in Career Track, a nine-month professional development program.

For associates ranging from new supervisors to experienced senior managers, we offer the Old National Leadership Academy. This leadership development program provides a range of developmental opportunities including classes, webinars, online modules, assessments and books. We are also members of a leadership development consortia with regional-based companies and universities, providing us access to workshops taught by some of the best university faculties in the country.

No matter where our associates are in their career development, we’re committed to partnering with them and helping them achieve their goals.

Old National Bancorp is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.

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