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Community Partnership

Promoting community sustainability through equipment donations

Donation of 370 computers helps Indy non-profit increase computer access in Indiana

In keeping with Old National Bank’s commitment to strengthen communities and foster sustainability, the company recently donated 370 computers, along with printers and other electronic equipment, to Indianapolis-based Net Literacy, a  student-founded digital inclusion nonprofit.

“I’m thrilled with Old National Bank’s donation because we’ll be able to increase thousands of students’ access to computers and the Internet throughout Indiana,” said Net Literacy student board member Agni Dhanabal. “We have donated computers to more than 1,000 schools and nonprofits, and ONB’s donation will help us expand our program.”

This donation was part of an ongoing initiative that was developed and is being led by Old National’s IT Asset Manager Dan Nord. In 2013, Old National donated nearly 500 electronic units that otherwise would have gone to E-Waste, and another 475 items have been re-deployed to community organizations in the first three months of 2014 (which includes the Net Literacy donation).  

All donations consist of modern, Windows 7-compatible equipment, and every hard drive is wiped clean of data before being delivered. Nord then works with the organization receiving the equipment, coaching them on how to acquire and install new software at a significant discount.

Old National’s partnership with Net Literacy began in 2009 with a $5,000 contribution from the Old National Bank Foundation in support of the organization’s “Financial Connects” financial literacy initiative.