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Community Partnership

ASAP allows at-risk students to shine

Old National supports Ivy Tech's ASAP program through Foundation Grant

Ivy Tech’s ASAP initiative provides recent high school graduates with the opportunity to earn a transferable or workforce-credentialed degree in one year instead of the traditional two-year timeframe. ASAP focuses on high-potential students who face socioeconomic challenges that might reduce their access to higher education.

Old National has demonstrated its support for the program by awarding Ivy Tech a five-year grant from the Old National Bank Foundation. All ASAP students receive a stipend, made possible through community partners, to ensure they can focus 100 percent of their time on their studies instead of working during the intensive program.

“When I graduated from high school, I felt I was missing something,” said ASAP student Brandon Vessel. “Ivy Tech is striving to prepare students professionally. Having a program dedicated to fostering these improvements, qualities and characteristics is exactly what I was looking for.”