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Diversity at Old National

We respect and value each individual - that's why Diversity & Inclusion is one of our organizational Values.

At Old National, we believe a talented and diverse work force is key to achieving our mission of exceeding client, associate and shareholder expectations. We rely on the unique perspectives and contribution of each team member to make our company stronger and maintain our position of leadership in the financial services industry.

In fact, we believe so strongly in fostering a diverse and inclusive culture at Old National that we recently added Diversity & Inclusion to our organizational Values.

Says President and CEO Bob Jones, “As the leader of this company, I need to have people around me who have experienced things I haven’t. Their diverse perspectives help us make better decisions and understand how the individuals and communities we serve may view our actions.”

Old National respects, values, and welcomes diversity in our work force, customers, suppliers and marketplace. We seek to recognize the unique contribution each individual brings to our company, and we are fully committed to supporting a rich culture of diversity
as a cornerstone to our success.



Why diversity matters

Diverse thinking and points of view make us stronger.

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

Old National Bank respects, values and welcomes diversity in our workforce, clients, suppliers and marketplace.  

Diversity programs

An overview of efforts to educate, engage and inform.

Diversity awards

Recognition we've received for our commitment to diversity.

Sponsored lecture series

Learn about the diversity lecture series we sponsor in Evansville and Indianapolis.

Supplier diversity

Diversity in our supplier chain serves Old National well.

Careers at Old National

Learn about available jobs in our our Online Career Center. 

Veteran Opportunities

We recognize and value the strengths which make our veterans an outstanding addition to our family of associates.