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Social Responsibility

Associate Volunteers

Our hands-on commitment to teaching financial education.

Throughout the Old National footprint, our associates devote many hours to teaching financial education. As a company, we support and highly encourage their efforts. Here are a few of the ways our associates are working to improve financial knowledge for people of all ages.

  • Teaching classes on financial management, business and entrepreneurship through community organizations such as Junior Achievement
  • Providing classes on basic financial skills through organizations that serve low-income individuals
  • Volunteering at local schools to teach financial education classes and help run student banks
  • Partnering with area colleges to teach students about money and credit management

A few recent highlights

Indiana National Guard Financial Education

In February 2011, Old National began providing Real Life Finance classes for Indiana National Guard troops and their families. Real Life Finance is a program developed by Old National, and it covers topics such as buying a home, budgeting and saving for retirement. A team of Old National volunteer financial educators present these classes.

Vincennes University Money Smart Classes

In our Vincennes, Indiana region, Sales Manager Chris Hertel and Retail Center Manager David Stowers volunteer to provide Money Smart classes to students at Vincennes University. Classes are offered  three times a semester, for a total of six classes a school year. VU students earn extra credit for taking the classes, which are coordinated through the student services director. The classes are taught in a three-part series:

Part 1: Basics of checking and savings

Part 2: Credit scores and consumer loans

Part 3: Fraud awareness and basic investing

Old National associates also teach Money Smart classes to other community groups and organizations.

Boulware Homeless Shelter Classes

In Owensboro, Kentucky, Affinity Relationship Banker Sam Taylor and Retail Center Manager Jennifer Allen volunteer many hours teaching Real Life Finance classes at the Boulware Homeless Shelter. Classes cover budgeting and basic financial education for homeless individuals, with the goal of preparing them to re-enter the workforce and home life. Sam also teaches financial education classes at the Oasis shelter and Owensboro Regional Recovery.

The list of Old National associates providing financial education in our communities is extensive, and the above represent only a few. Check back for future highlights.

Here's What You Can Do Next

To request a financial education speaker, call Amy Casavant at 812-464-1454.