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Web Sites

Sites to boost financial knowledge for all ages.

If you are looking for games or education information available on the Internet, the links below are a great place to start.

Resources for Youth

NEFE High School Financial Planning Program
Have fun playing the interactive financial games while enhancing your financial knowledge. The NEFE high school program has tools that will teach you about money. It has games, calculators and many articles to help you learn how to manage your money.

Federal Trade Commission
“Spot that scam,” “Bargainville” or “Fact or Fiction.” Pick any of these games and test your financial knowledge by pitching your scores against your friend’s.

U.S. Mint
Lots of interactive games like “dollar dive,” “cents of color” and “golden dollar puzzle” and lesson plans to help teach children to save money.

Federal Reserve Bank
Have lots of questions in mind about money and how to save it? Then, this is the site to visit to get answers to your questions about becoming money smart. Scroll through the FAQ list to find the answer to your question.

Resources for Adults

Practical Money Skills
Practical Money Skills for Life offers an abundance of financial information and learning tools for everyone, including educators, parents and students. Sign up to receive weekly personal finance tips or play online games to improve financial knowledge.

Money Factory
Get all the information you need about the latest changes in the U.S. currency and more.

Consumer Jungle
Explore the tips that consumer jungle has to offer to become savvy in the real world. It offers tips, advice and directions to navigate the consumer jungle.

360Degrees of Financial Literacy
Gain a better understanding about personal finances through every stage of life through this site provided by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.