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Why Old National

Our History

Second Old National building circa 1855.

  • Old National Bank has a rich history dating back to 1834, when we were established on the banks of the Ohio River in Evansville, Ind. 
  • We were the city’s first bank, even before Evansville was officially a city. A “community bank” from the beginning, we played a critical role in providing financial services the new community needed to grow and thrive.
  • Originally named the Branch Bank at Evansville, Old National was one of 10 branches of the State Bank of Indiana. 
  • With charter changes through the years, we have operated under several names, including Evansville National Bank and Old State National Bank. In 1922, we were officially named Old National Bank. 
  • In 1982, Old National Bancorp, a multi-bank holding company was formed, with the goal of expanding services to neighboring states.
  • Today, the Old National Bancorp headquarters is located on the same site as our first, one-room bank building – at the corner of Main Street and Riverside Drive in Evansville, where we are the city’s oldest company. 
  • We have grown to be the largest financial services holding company headquartered in Indiana, with the Old National Bancorp family including Old National Bank, Old National Investments and Old National Wealth Management.
  • Now, with more than 160 banking centers, we provide services to individuals, families and businesses in Indiana, Kentucky, Western Michigan and Eastern Illinois. As we have grown, we have never lost sight of our humble beginnings or our commitment to being a community bank.

History in photos

View our pictorial timeline created as part or our 175th anniversary celebration in 2009.