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Cash Management

BankConnect Plus

Streamline with one powerful, online channel.

BankConnect™ Plus is your toolbox for a broad range of cash management solutions. View account information and images, make account transfers, originate ACH payments, initiate wire transfers, place stop payments, help prevent check fraud and more. BankConnect™ Plus is a comprehensive online banking solution for your business.

Information Reporting Module

  • Real-time balance and account activity reports
  • Export a tab or comma separated reconciliation file
  • View images of paid checks, deposit tickets and items deposited

Stop Payment Module

  • Initiate a single or range stop payment
  • Review current stop payment orders

Account Transfer

  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Transfer funds from your line of credit
  • Make loan payments

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination

  • Direct Deposit 
  • Consumer Direct Debit 
  • Vendor Payments 
  • Federal and State Tax Payments 
  • Cash Concentration and Disbursement 
  • Re-presented check collection service

Positive Pay

  • Create a custom issue file import
  • Review exception images online
  • Make pay or return decision online

Wire Transfer

  • Real-time domestic or international wire transfers
  • Optional security controls, including dollar amount and secondary approval

Special Reports

  • Bank Statement
  • Account Analysis Statement
  • Sweep Investment Notices
  • ACH Notification of Change and Return Report


  • Streamline your banking activities 
  • Obtain statements, reports and images
  • Access your bank account information from anywhere
  • Perform self-service transactions at your convenience


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