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Cash Management

ACH Payments

Gain greater control of payment processes.

ACH Tax Payments

Electronic tax filing can save you time and expense and ensure your tax payments are made accurately and on time. For this reason, Old National offers ACH Tax Payments through BankConnect™ Plus. Simply register to make payments with EFPTS or your state and you will be able to send federal, state and payroll taxes through our secure web site.

ACH Vendor Payments

The needs of businesses are constantly evolving – even for your business partners. In order to accommodate their needs, Old National offers you our ACH Vendor Payment capability via BankConnect Plus. With this solution, you will be able to electronically pay your vendors – no checks to write and nothing to mail.


  • Send payments securely with BankConnect Plus
  • Reference multiple invoices

Direct Deposit

The ability to offer Direct Deposit is important to all businesses, large or small. Old National’s Direct Deposit service will give your employees the convenience they want and the savings you need.

With Direct Deposit, you no longer have paychecks to distribute, reconcile or reissue. Direct Deposit is inexpensive, low maintenance and easy to use – making payroll simple.


  • Standardize your payables flow
  • Simplify bank account reconciliation 
  • Safeguard against fraud and forgery losses
  • Reduce time spent printing and distributing checks
  • Increase employee productivity by eliminating bank trips on pay day


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