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Cash Management

Directo Paycard

Provide employees card access to their pay.

In a perfect world, you would be able to pay all your employees by Direct Deposit. Unfortunately, some employees do not qualify for a bank account. Old National has the solution to this common problem:
the Directo® Paycard.

The Directo Paycard is like an ATM card that stores your employees’ paychecks. Your employees have online access to their account and will receive a monthly statement. Most importantly, all employees qualify – regardless of past banking or credit problems.


  • Increase Direct Deposit participation to 100% – saving your company time and money
  • Ensure your employee's pay is secure with PIN-based access to funds
  • Help your employees avoid expensive check-cashing fees 
  • Provide a card solution with no foreign ATM fee when used at any Old National ATM

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