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Cash Management

File Transmission

Automate the transfer and posting of information.

Transmission Options

Remove manual processes from your bank account management through Old National’s various file transmission services. These solutions automate the posting of account information, making your accounting operations more efficient.

You can choose from a variety of file transmission options:

  • BAI2 File: your bank transaction data from the prior day
  • ACH Notice of Change & Return File: notices of changes or returns of ACH transactions originated by your company
  • Lockbox File: custom-formatted file to expedite the posting of incoming payments


  • Increase efficiency of posting transactions, payments and ACH changes
  • Allow your staff to spend time on other tasks
  • Maximize value of cash management solutions


Guardian is Old National’s file management service. If your business does not have a server to manage file transfer protocol (FTP) transmissions, this service can be used to pick up your files from the bank. This helps minimize your IT infrastructure costs while allowing you to benefit from our file transmission services.


  • Eliminate the need to purchase and maintain a FTP server
  • Allow for secure, encrypted transmission of data files to and from Old National


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